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Washington State Visitors' Guide 2015 Edition

The Washington State Visitors Guide is the official publication of the Washington Tourism Alliance. It is the premier publication for anyone travelling around Washington State that wants to experience the best that our state has to offer. The chapter on the San Juan Islands features one of Howard's  photographs taken at Friday Harbor. 

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Washington State Wine 2014 Official Tour Guide

This is the official publication of the Washington State Wine Commission. It's mission is to "raise awareness and demand for Washington State Wine through marketing and education while supporting viticulture and enology research to drive industry growth".

Howard's photograph of the Martin-Scott Winery near Wenatchee was featured in a two page spread of the Cascade Valley & North Central Chapter. 

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BACnet International Journal

Howard's photograph of the Bullitt Center in Seattle was used as the cover shot for a recent issue of the BACnet International Journal.

The Bullitt Center is the greenest commercial building in the world, and qualifies for classification as a "living building" by the International Living Future Institute. It has a lifespan of 250 years, is energy and carbon neutral, needs no water from the city and generates no sewage. The entire roof is an array of solar panels and at times the building can generate more energy than it uses. The building has 26 geothermal wells than extend 400 feet deep into the ground where the temperature is a constant 55 degrees. These geothermal wells help heat the building in the winter.

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Frommer's Seattle Day by Day 2014 Edition

Once again Frommer's chose photographs taken by Howard to be featured throughout their updated edition of their popular Seattle Day by Day guide. Frommer's is one of the world's largest publishers of regional guidebooks. Howard's photographs were first used in their 2012 edition.

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Scenic Washington State 2013 Edition

For the second time one of Howard's photographs was published in the Scenic Washington State guide. This is published by Destination Media Alliance, which also runs the ScenicWA.com web site, which recently published an article written by Howard, titled The Seven Wonders of Washington State, accompanied by several of Howard's photographs.

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Frommer's Seattle 2012 Edition

In addition to the Seattle Day by Day guidebook, Frommer's also published a larger format Seattle guidebook series, the Seattle series.  For this project, a shot list of over 100 Seattle area locations was provided, and less than two months was given to finish the project. The project was completed ahead of schedule, and in the words of Frommer's Photo Editor, Alden Gewirtz:

"I have seen the first draft layout of the book, and it looks amazing. I can't believe you got so many clear, blue-sky days in Seattle. The colors are great, and so were the approaches you took to just about every shoot. Thanks again for all your help so far, and hopefully we'll work together again."

This turned out to be true. Many of Howard's photographs were used in the updated 2014 edition of Frommer's Seattle Day by Day guidebook.

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Seattle Professional Travel Planners Guide

Published for the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau (now known as Visit Seattle), this is their official publication for the convention and travel industry.

One of Howard's photographs was chosen for the cover shot. He was on an assignment at Kenmore Air, shooting float planes at their Lake Union terminal. The photo shoot had just finished and the pilot asked Howard if he would like to go on the 20 minute aerial tour flight around Seattle, since he had an empty seat on the plane. "Sure!" was the answer, and shots like this were the result.

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Frommer's Seattle Day by Day 2012 Edition

The most well respected name in travel guidebooks - Frommer's an imprint of John Wiley & Sons, Inc. - has chosen Howard Frisk of Seattle Photographs to be the primary photographer for their new Seattle area guidebook, Seattle Day by Day.

Frommer's provided a list of over 200 "top priority" locations in the Seattle area that needed to be photographed in 5 weeks. We visited some of the most famous hotels, restaurants, night spots, museums and specialty retail shops in Seattle.  Reviewing and selecting photographs for the book was fast and efficient.

"GREAT method of delivery. I am extremely gratified!! Thanks!!!!"

- Richard Fox, Photo Editor, John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

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2011 Seattle Engagement Calendar

Smith-Western Co., the country's premier supplier for the tourist and attraction industry, once again chose Howard Frisk's photograph of Safeco Field for inclusion in their Seattle engagement calendar, this time as their April photograph.

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Seattle 2011 Official Visitors Guide

This is published for the Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau. Howard Frisk of Seattle Photographs was chosen as the principal photographer for their 2011 edition of the Seattle Official Visitors Guide. 

"I've just returned to the office today and I'm browsing quickly through the images you've submitted. They look very nice and I'm particularly pleased with the 'experiential' images of tours such as Tillicum Village, Museum of Flight, EMP and Future of Flight. I'm glad you were able to give us a wide selection of images and many interesting shots with people. (And good weather! I know that's a challenge there.)"

- Hernan Sosa, Senior Graphics Designer, Weaver Multimedia Group

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2010 Washington Engagement Calendar

Howard's photograph of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park was also chosen as their June photograph for the Washington State 2010 engagement calendar.

Smith-Western Co. receives a large quantity of unsolicited photographs from area photographers, but in this case they approached Howard and requested to use his Safeco Field and downtown Seattle photographs.

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2010 Seattle Engagement Calendar

Smith-Western Co., the country's premier supplier for the tourist and attraction industry, chose Howard Frisk's photograph of Safeco Field as their May photograph and his photograph of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park as their April photograph.

Howard's photograph of downtown Seattle from Kerry Park was chosen as the cover  shot.

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